Shannon Entin

Shannon Entin is a travel and entertainment blogger at She loves skiing, hiking, Fireball whiskey, good Chinese food, and adventures of all kinds. She’s a fan of the sweet drinks as well as a straight-up smooth bourbon, and her go-to drink is a whiskey sour.

Two tequila sours with dry shake on the left and reverse dry shake on the right.

Tequila Lemon Sour Recipe

This Tequila Lemon Sour recipe is silky, bright and refreshing and a perfect cocktail for Cinco de Mayo!

Fireball Eggnog

Fireball Eggnog Recipe {With a Twist!}

This Fireball Eggnog recipe will spice up your favorite Christmas drink! Creamy eggnog blends deliciously with the cinnamon heat of Fireball Whiskey. Then we added a bit of orange flavor for a twist!

mistletoe mojito

Mistletoe Mojito

The Mistletoe Mojito is a festive, holiday cocktail made with cranberry juice and cranberry simple syrup.

99+ Gifts for the Home Bartender

You’ve got 99 problems, but gifts for the home bartender ain’t one! Buying gifts for the cocktail enthusiasts in your life is easier than ever with our extensive gift guide.

ROOT Crafted Mixer

Lemongrass Pisco Sparkler with ROOT Cocktail Mixer

This Lemon Pisco Sparkler made with ROOT Lemongrass mixer has a perfectly unique taste, elevating it above a typical mimosa or bellini. It’s perfect for brunch, or for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning.