Chrissy Tomlinson stays up way past her bedtime reading books. She loves British television, cheese pizza and french fries on her salad.  

She likes her vodka with seltzer, margaritas with salt, and is a self-proclaimed wine snob. You can always find a full bodied, dry, and oaky Cabernet Sauvignon on her wine rack.

If she had it her way you would find her on the beach with a big hat and flip flops, listening to the waves and soaking up the sun.


Naomi Kuhlken is a wedding and portrait photographer, and owner of Kuhlken Photographers. She loves travel, mid-century decor, cheesesteaks and yelling from the stands at her son’s hockey games.

She’s been known to plan a trip around a craft beer stop, loves drinks with a bit of a kick, and keeps gin and tonic (with allllll the limes) on hand at all times. 

Naomi spends her spare time wandering through Home Goods and making up excuses to get her friends together for a drink.  


Shannon Entin

Shannon Entin is a travel and entertainment blogger at She loves skiing, hiking, Fireball whiskey, good Chinese food, and adventures of all kinds.

She’s a fan of the sweet drinks as well as a straight-up smooth bourbon, and her go-to drink is a whiskey sour.

You’ll usually find Shannon making lists and inviting people to Google docs to “keep things organized.”

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