6 Unique Whiskey Decanters {and Why You NEED at Least One!}

A stunning, unique whiskey decanter is the cherry on top of your home bar. But is there a specific reason why you put whiskey in a decanter? We’ll tell you the answer and show you six gorgeous decanters we love. You’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

unique whiskey decanters

I recently decided I NEEDED a whiskey decanter. And not just a random whiskey decanter, it needed to be classic, beautiful eye candy for the top of my bar. Something Don Draper of Mad Men fame would be proud to pour from.

My husband and I both love whiskey and bourbon, so I thought I’d try to surprise him with a nice decanter and some new glasses. I have an antique TV cabinet that I’ve been working on converting to a proper liquor cabinet, and I really wanted to finish it off with a gorgeous bit of bling on top. 

Is There a Reason You Put Whiskey in a Decanter?

And then I started wondering… Need is strong word. Clearly I really want a decanter to look pretty, but what about actual functionality? Does decanting whiskey change it the way it does with wine? Wine is generally decanted to allow for some oxidation to enhance the flavor, and to reduce any sediment that might be in the bottle. 

Whiskey decanters were originally filled right from the barrel and if nothing else, a necessary container. These days, we generally aren’t heading out back to fill our glass right from the barrel.

Since whiskey is so high in alcohol, it’s not subject to change from oxygen exposure. So the only reason to put your whiskey in a decanter is to make it look pretty.

And I am totally OK with that! Time to get shopping. 

Look Out for Lead

My original thought was to find a vintage set either locally or on Etsy, since the cabinet and most of my favorite things are Mid-Century Modern. I wanted to stick with the theme. I do LOVE all things vintage, as well as buying used rather than everything new, but after a little research and some thought I had to decide against it. 

Why? While leaded crystal may be okay for your glassware – as it’s only being used for a short period of time – a decanter that’s going to hold your liquor for longer stretches may leach lead into your whiskey and pose a serious health risk. And since I’d no way of knowing for sure with a vintage piece, I felt best to buy new. 

Unique Whiskey Decanters – Time to Shop!

I got to shopping and found a decanter gift set with glasses that I thought was really pretty for a decent price on Amazon. And then the crazy shipping delay mess that was December happened. And so a week after Christmas I got an email that my package was missing and I’d be getting a refund. And of course it’s no longer available. Womp, womp. 

Never fear, I was probably spending more than I should since we’ve already determined that I don’t NEED it, haha. So, back to finding the perfect decanter, and I thought I’d share my finds with you! For every budget and taste, there’s something here for everyone!

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This beauty from Decicio Glass on Etsy is absolutely dreamy. Definitely going on my wish list! 

dreamy whiskey decanter

This personalized monogram decanter and glass set would make such an amazing housewarming or wedding gift! 

monogram whiskey decanter

Looking for something completely different to really make a statement? I love to travel and this would definitely be a great nod to that! Check out this fantastic globe decanter set.

globe decanter set

This diamond design decanter from Amazon is absolutely stunning and comes in a beautiful gift box! 

diamond whiskey decanter

I’m a bit obsessed with all things gold and just love the design on this modern decanter from Crate and Barrel. 

modern whiskey decanter

After spending waaaaay too much time looking at pretty glass, I ultimately decided on this decanter and glass set on Amazon and I love it! Classic, beautiful and so affordably priced.

whiskey decanter and glasses

Which one of these gorgeous decanters do you NEED? I think I’ll be revisiting this post myself at some point to get one of these beauties for my downstairs bar cart… Cheers!

unique whiskey decanters

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