Welcome to Spilling Tequila!

We are Chrissy, Naomi, and Shannon – three friends who enjoy hanging out together with a nice adult beverage. The more we learned about cocktails, mixology, beer, and wine, the more obsessed we became.

Join us as we taste, create, and laugh. We’ll be spilling ALL the “tea”quila!

Quarantine Drinking? You Bet.

Spilling tequila was born during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Stuck at home, Shannon started experimenting with creating cocktails. When she texted Naomi and Chrissy to ask if they were interested in starting a cocktail blog, the answer was “OMG. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Chrissy is the creative mind behind the name “Spilling Tequila.” Our teenage kids loved it, and the name was available on every social media network. It was meant to be.

Spilling Tequila Logo

Making It Our Job to Drink

We each bring something unique to the table – or the bar, shall we say. Naomi takes amazing photos. Chrissy creates delicious healthy cocktails. Shannon’s a wiz at the tech side of running a web site. And we all love the challenge of concocting new drinks, learning about mixology, and making drinking our job.

We’ll be bringing you classic drink recipes, our own cocktail creations, wine and beer reviews and even visits to bars, wineries, breweries and more. We’re looking forward to drinking with you!

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