Our Favorite Home Bar Tools, Supplies, and Accessories

Every home bartender needs a solid foundation of tools to make amazing cocktails. Whether you have a dedicated bar area in your home, or just a small space carved out to make your favorite drinks, these are the home bar tools, supplies and accessories we love and recommend.

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Home Bar Tools

bar cart

This bar cart is beautiful, high quality, and perfect if you don’t have a lot of space! It’s on four wheels (two can be locked in place) so it’s easy to move around when you need to. It fits great in the corner of my dining room and has more than enough room for all my tools and alcohol.

cobbler shaker

The most basic, and most important tool you need for your home bar is a cocktail shaker. A cobbler shaker has one shaker, a top with a built-in strainer, and usually a cap that doubles as a jigger to measure your ingredients. It’s an easy, all-in-one solution.

Boston cocktail shaker set

Then there’s the Boston shaker, which is two pieces and uses a separate strainer. I find it easier to use a Boston shaker when I need to strain out larger pieces of muddled fruit. With the cobbler, the fruit sometimes blocks the strainer and it’s harder to get all the liquid out. I love this Boston shaker set from A Bar Above.

copper bar set

If you’ve seen Naomi’s kitchen and bar cabinet, you’ll notice she LOVES all things copper. This bartender kit is both stylish and functional. Love that it has a place to keep everything so you don’t have to dig in your kitchen drawers!

If you prefer a Boston shaker in copper, here’s another beautiful, 14-piece, copper bar set.

copper ice bucket

This hammered copper ice bucket is a gorgeous addition to your home bar. And the brass tongs that come with it are equally as fabulous.

wine chiller

Ok, so this wine chiller isn’t copper, but the white marble is the perfect complement to all your gorgeous copper tools.

Red wine pouring into glass

You might already own a cocktail shaker, but do you have a good cocktail spoon? I love tools that do double-duty and this spoon will stir and work for pour-overs, and the opposite end is a muddler!

A good jigger is also essential. You want one that has easy-to-see lines inside so you can measure 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 3/4 ounce. My favorite is this Barfly Japanese Jigger.

hot ginger mule

We always recommend fresh-squeezed juice over bottled. You can use a manual citrus press, or an electric juicer.

If you spill a lot like I do, get these bar towels. They keep me from wasting rolls of paper towels!

Home Bar Glasses, Straws and Garnish Picks

finished drink

Choosing the right glass for your cocktail is important. A glass that’s too big can change the aroma of your drink, cause you to add too much ice, or just make your cocktail look unappealing. Or when you top off a drink with tonic water or ginger beer, the wrong size glass can throw off the whole drink. Here are some glasses we love:

Chrissy loves straws. She even use them for coffee. These reusable gold straws have been her favorite for a while now.

Naomi loves that this set of copper straws come with both bent and straight straws in two different sizes to accommodate all your different glassware.

My favorite are these colorful straws, and – bonus – they come with a straw cleaner!

bourbon cherry lime cocktail

And don’t forget garnish picks. Your drink is naked without a garnish! There are lots of different kinds to choose from. I’ve got this basic stainless set garnish pick set, but you can also get bamboo picks or more decorative picks.

More Bar and Drink Accessories

Let’s talk ICE. It’s an important part of many cocktails. This nugget ice cube maker is so awesome and definitely on our Christmas list!

ice trays

This set of two silicone ice trays makes large, square cubes and ice spheres – which looks so cool in your drinks!

Chrissy loves this cooler tote bag in white. She rarely leaves home without it!


And now we turn from ice to smoke! Smoking cocktails is something we recently discovered and love – you can always get a Smoked Old Fashioned at Chrissy’s house. This smoker with some broken up cinnamons sticks adds the perfect smoke to your glass. (It can also be used to smoke meats and cheeses!)

Royal Rose - Organic Simple Syrup

You’ll need a variety of syrups and mixers to make delicious cocktails. We recommend Royal Rose Syrups!

copper growler

And lastly, for the beer lover in your home, this stunning copper carbonated growler will keep your beer fresh for weeks! … not that you’ll take that long to drink it 😉

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