Easy DIY Potion Bottles

Do you need a quick and easy Halloween decoration that also recycles some of your old alcohol bottles? These DIY Potion Bottles are both elegant and spooky and only take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Today we have it too easy. We can just run to the store and buy everything we need to decorate or throw a Halloween party! But what’s the fun in that? This year, my family is having a good old-fashioned 1980’s Halloween. It will be complete with homemade costumes, pumpkin carvings, and maybe even bobbing for apples. So I wanted my decorations to be DIY as well!

Supplies for DIY Potion Bottles

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  • Empty bottles – I used tequila, gin, and bourbon bottles.
  • Spray paint – I used Rust-oleum in gold and Krylon in matte black.
  • Small dollar store type decorations – I used small skulls and skeletons.
  • A hot glue gun – To attach the small pieces.
  • Bottle labels or tags – I found mine in the Target dollar spot, but you can download these, or these from Etsy.
  • Glue stick – If you are using paper labels for your bottles, a glue stick (like the ones for school art projects) will work the best.
  • Painters tape– To tape off the cork part of the toppers.
  • Rubber gloves – I didn’t use these and my hands were covered in paint.

Step #1 – Gather Your Bottles

I tend to have trouble throwing nice, or unique shaped bottles into the recycle bin. I don’t know why I save them, but I’m always glad I did when it’s time for projects like this.

Tip: If possible, try to get different shapes and sizes. They will look great displayed together.

Step #2 – Remove The Labels

Tips to getting the labels off: Start picking away at those stickers. Some will come off easier than you think, others will give you hard time. If you are stuck with an unruly label you can try scraping it with a razor blade or an abrasive scrubber like the ones you use for pots and pans. You can also try something like Goo Gone.

You don’t have to worry about sanitizing the bottles if they are just for decoration. I am not filling mine with anything to drink. I didn’t even soap the inside. If you want to sterilize yours you will need a large bottle brush, and some sanitizing solution.

Step #3 – Spray Paint

Even though I’m sure you’ve spray painted things before, here are a few of my tips to keep this project from becoming a crafting disaster.

  • Throw down a drop cloth – I hate to admit it but my husband was right, the drop cloth does help keep my messes minimal.
  • Set up a paint station – Put all the things you paint black in one area, and all the gold in another.
  • Use painters tape and tape off the cork part of the toppers, they will fit back into your bottles if they are clean of paint.

Step #4 – Finishing Touches

Use your glue stick to apply any paper labels you printed out and use the hot glue gun to attach the skulls and skeletons.

Step #5 – Put Them on Display

Now that they are all finished and look great, you need to display them. Some ideas for displaying them:

  • Use the extra spray paint and spray small branches or sticks.
  • Spray paint a few artificial flowers black.
  • Fake spider webs would look great with these.

So go ahead and have fun creating some amazing DIY Potion Bottles with your old alcohol or wine bottles. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram… We want to see your end results! Happy Halloween!

DIY Potion Bottles

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