The Camping Cocktailer’s Survival Essentials

A quality camping cocktail set might not be your first thought when packing for a camping trip, but an excellent travel cocktail kit will help you kick things up a notch above the traditional beer. Check out these essential tools for your next camping adventure.

Who loves camping?! I have to admit, it took a bit of convincing for me to give camping a try a few years ago, but as soon as I got that tent set up and a beer in my hand I was all in. There is definitely something special about time spent outdoors without all of our “stuff”, sleeping with the sounds of nature all around us, and taking time to just CHILL. 

The temperatures are cooling and it’s the perfect time for some weekend camping trips. As I mentioned earlier, that beer definitely helped me ease into my camping experience, and so while planning for our next trip I thought I’d find some fun beer and cocktail camping gear and tools.

Camping drinks gift guide

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Check out these great coolers, tools and containers to help make your camping experience one you’ll never forget.

Camping Coolers for Ice-Cold Cocktails

camping coolers

I found coolers in two different sizes depending on your needs, and both will keep your ice for at least three days! 

1. The REYLEO Ice Chest is a 21 quart, bear resistant cooler that comes with a built in bottle opener, cup holders and a fish ruler. (It does come in a larger size as well!)  

2. The GiNT Rolling Cooler has oversized wheels to save your back when your headed to your campsite, built in cup holders, a handle that doubles as a small table, and an interior tray to keep food items dry. 

3. As a bonus, I found a great little light for the inside of your cooler! You’ll never struggle to find your beer in the dark with Coghlan’s Inside Cooler Lid Light. This handy little thing mounts inside your cooler lid and will automatically turn on and off when the lid is raised and shut. This definitely needs to be part of any camping cocktail set!

Essential Travel Cocktail Kit

camping cocktail tools

You can’t really make a proper cocktail without some essential tools, so here are some that are perfect for taking on the road. 

4. The Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2X System is a 30-ounce cocktail shaker, two stainless steel cups, a citrus reamer, and jigger cap rolled into one. And even better, the cups are double walled stainless so your drinks won’t sweat everywhere!  

5. Filled with recipes, bartender tips and tricks, and even a whole chapter on foraging and mixing with found ingredients, the Camp Cocktails book will give you great ideas for drinks to pair with your amazing outdoor experience. 

6. For something completely different, I can’t wait to try this Campfire Beer Caramelizer! You heat it in the fire, dip it in your drink and it reacts with the sugars in the beverage, creating a richer and smoother taste.

7. And one of my favorite finds, the Travel Bartender Kit has everything you need to make the perfect cocktail, just bring your booze! This stylish, canvas roll-up bag will keep all the included tools organized, and comes in silver or copper. 

Camping Cocktail Sets to Keep Your Drinks Cold and Contained

insulated drink containers

Would be a shame to make all those great cocktails and not have something durable and portable to drink them out of. So here are a couple great options for mixed drinks, wine and beer. 

8. The Blingco 12 Oz Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumblers are double-walled, vacuum-insulated, and come with lids and straws. They’ll keep your drinks warm or cold and keep you from spilling them to boot! 

9. The Stanley Classic Growler Gift Set comes with a 64-ounce, vacuum-insulated growler body and four 12-ounce stainless tumblers. The growler will keep your beer (or pitcher of margaritas!) cold for 24 hours, and the tumblers come with different colored neoprene sleeves to keep drinks cold and help you know which one is yours! 

I hope this guide gives you some great ideas to create your own camping cocktail set and make your next camping trip a delicious one. Cheers!

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